Neighbourhood Plan


Orleton and Richards Castle
Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group:

Notes from a meeting at Richards Castle Village Hall,
7.00 pm Wednesday 22 June 2016

1. To note the attendance at the meeting
a) Members: David Small, Chairman; Pauline Betteridge; Elizabeth Moran; David English,
Richard Jack; Barry Gandy; Mike Saunders; and Richard Hewitt, Secretary/Treasurer.
b) Apologies for absence: Peter Owen.
c) In attendance: Bill Bloxsome, Data Orchard. There were no members of the public
present at the meeting.

2. Declarations of interest by members. None.

3. To receive the notes of the meeting of 11 April 2016. The notes of the meeting were agreed unanimously.

4. Correspondence. None.

5. Review responses and representations to the Regulation 14 public consultation on the
Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan
The meeting noted representations made electronically. Those responses left in the box at the
Shop and Post Office, Orleton, were read out by the secretary and handed to Data Orchard to
include in the Representations Schedule. No hard copy responses were left at the Castle Inn,
Richards Castle.
In the light of outline planning permission being granted for 39 houses in the field opposite the
school, and representations received, the steering group proposed that the site adjacent to the
school is removed. Also, Appendix A1.2 needs to be updated to say the community assets
highlighted are important, but there are understood to be no plans for them to be nominated as
Assets of Community Value.
The meeting reviewed the next steps:
 Data Orchard, on confirmation of a successful application for grant funding, will prepare the
Representations Schedule and proposed alterations to the NDP. It is estimated that the
outcome of the grant application will be known by the time that Bill Bloxsome returns from
vacation in July.
 Once the alterations have been finalised by the steering group, the parish councils will
review the proposed amendments. Once these have been agreed, the draft amended
NDP will be emailed to the neighbourhood development team, Herefordshire Council, for
the SEA and HRA documents to be updated and policy maps drafted.
 In the meantime, Data Orchard will draft the Basic Condition Statement and Consultation
Statement. Following receipt of the policy maps and updated HRA and SEA, all the
documents will be in place for the parish councils to consider submitting the NDP to
Herefordshire Council for public consultation under Regulation 16. Called Regulation 15,
the parish councils will need to agree to submit the NDP and supporting documents to
Herefordshire Council for Regulation 16 public consultation.
In order to progress the NDP, the steering group agreed provisionally to meet on 10 August 2016 to
review the Representations Schedule and proposed alterations to the draft neighbourhood
development plan.

6. Finance: review quotation from Data Orchard
The steering group reviewed and agreed quotation #55 from Data Orchard. The Treasurer was
asked to make an application for grant funding from Groundwork UK on this basis, and to include
additional foreseeable costs such as hiring rooms for meetings.

7. Matters for the next meeting
Review Schedule of representations and proposed alterations to the draft neighbourhood
development plan.

8. Date of next meeting(s)/ Close meeting. Provisionally, the next meeting will be at 7pm, 10 August 2016.

The meeting closed at 8.25pm.




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Orleton & Richards Castle Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
invite the Press and Public to our next meeting
7.00pm, on Wednesday 10 August2016 at

Village Hall, Orleton

Everyone Welcome. The steering group will be looking at the draft neighbourhood development plan.