November 2016

1. Update on the process
The Orleton and Richards Castle draft Neighbourhood Development Plan has been agreed by both parish councils and submitted to Herefordshire Council.  Herefordshire Council has now started a second public consultation on the draft plan, called Regulation 16, which ends on 12 December 2016.  Full details of this consultation can be found at:




2. Updated Timetable to produce the final Neighbourhood Plan

Task Status of work Intended Dates for doing work Date Task Completed

Step 1 Consult both Parishes

completed - 2014

Reporting of Drop-in results

completed - 2014

Questionnaire Design & Distribution

completed - 2014

Questionnaire Collection & Analysis

completed - August 2015

Step 2 Making the Draft Plan
Drafting work by us, with informal consultation with stakeholders, mainly Herefordshire Council. Includes us accepting their Strategic Environmental Assessment and input from the highways Department.

completed - April 2016

Step 3 Consultation on the Draft Plan
Consultation of the Community on Draft Plan (Regulation 14, and ammended by us as necessary.

completed - June 2016

Representations to the draft plan are reviewed by the steering group and Orelton & Richards Castle Parish Councils

completed - September 2016

Herefordshire Council will then undertake an additional consultation on the Plan (Regulation 16), prior to submission to the planning inspector

ongoing 6 weeks, 31 October - 12 December 2016 -

Submit Plan to Public Inspector
Herefordshire Council reviews the representations to the plan and decides whether to approve the submission of the plan to the independent examiner. The parish councils are able to select a preferred independent examiner from a shortlist.

- 8 weeks February-April 2017 -

Examiners report
The report of the independent examiner may make some recommendations that lead to the plan being amended.

- April-May

Step 4 Referendum
Publishing of the approved Plan, followed by a Local Referendum asking the Community to accept or reject it.

- July 13 2017 -

Step 5 Adoption
Approved Plan adopted by Hereforshire Council, valid until 2031

- Autumn 2017 -